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I've only seen ITV's Question Of Sport rip-, er derivative a few times but the triangle in question doesn't seem very sporty to me. After all, when was the last time you saw it pole-vault 15 feet into the air, somersault three times and plunge into a swimming pool half a kilometre below? What a con. Mind you. it s still probably more intelligent than the three teams of famous sporting guests put together.

This licensed TV conversion is pretty true to the original programme with a total of seven different rounds making up each game. Four of them are Standard Question ones which have each of the three players moving around the triangle on the roll of a random die. Landing on your own colour square gets you a quezzie from your chosen specialised subject (no Integral Polymer Dynamics I'm afraid, just 12 popular sports to be interrogated on). Tucked in between the standard bits are the Hit For Six and Jigsaw Picture rounds. The object here is to guess from rather unobvious clues which geezer from the list your Speccy's thinking about. The final round is Quickfire Questions which has the computer pulling random puzzlers from its 2,500 strong collection, only this time it's finger on the buzzer time with the first one to answer correctly bagging the points. And that's it unfortunately, not exactly packed with variety or any of those thrills and spills we expect in a game nowadays.

All the same, it's not too bad technically. The graphics are clear and colourful, although they're not required to jump about and explode like they do in most games, and the whole thing's got a nice professional sheen to it.

Basing a game around this TV prog obviously wasn't a great idea. At least that has Dennis Taylor's plankton-like witticisms to draw your attention away from the yawn inducingness of it all. Still, if sport's your 'thang', no doubt you'll be spookily drawn to it, despite your better judgement.

Thirty minutes of yawnsome TV successfully converted into the same amount of game playing time. Sport triv nutters might want it though.