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Compass Software
Jon R. Lemmon
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tim Kemp
Chris Bourne

Remember Blood Of Bogmole? It was featured on a cracking YS covertape not so long ago and this is its sequel. And what a smart text-only sequel it is too! The storyline goes something like this... Zogan and his 'orrible orc alliance retreated from the land of Freand, after being thoroughly biffed-up by the good guys, and while he licked his wounds he set about making plans to destroy those that stood against him. Zogan was still a powerful Wizard and with his foul allies in tow crushed everything in his path - starting with the innocent Mud Monsters. Naturally enough Zogan's aim was total domination!

Meanwhile, Bogmole the swamp monster (that's the character you play) tracked Zogan across many battlefields. He knew that Zogan had to be stopped and that he was going to have to be the one to do it. He wasn't alone in his quest - Bernard the beaver was always close at hand, as was Randor, the valiant dwarfish bodyguard. You start the game standing in the valley of Freand quite near the base of Black Hill. Stormy clouds gather high in the sky, casting black shadows on the black hill. Randor is with you and will obey your every word, he'll also tell you when he thinks he should stay or follow you. Bernard eats wood, this is useful as there are no end of' wooden objects to get through. Typing VOCAB will list some typical vocabulary examples and some special command words with which to communicate with the pair.

The game starts off with a few easy problems to solve but soon the difficulty level rises. There's lots of characters, including your old pal the wizard Gregor who passes on some valuable info then stiffens and expires! Many characters are less than friendly and pose the biggest problems for you.

Nature plays a big part in the game, with all sorts of earth elements being used on your travels. There are plenty of objects to manipulate, pitfalls to avoid, riddles to solve and orc's to bash (with all the action being punctuated by screen and sound effects). You'll know when you are reaching the climax of your quest as a superb 'final encounter' has been implemented that makes the trials and tribulations undertaken to actually get to the final stages well worth it! Highly recommended.