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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dominic Handy
Chris Bourne

GREMLIN GRAPHICS are the ones to call if you're looking for ten great games... and Gremlins Ten Great Games compilation gets the CRASH award for Hope-Raising Packaging Of The Month! The box measures 38cm x 20cm and looks tremendous, but it holds a measly two cassettes, There's a whole range of Gremlin goodies in those two tapes, though: the attractive Monty On The Run, the gun-toting West Bank and even the original Jack The Nipper.

And for those of you who prefer playing with balls they've also included Bounder, Trailblazer, Footballer Of The Year and Krakout. At just a pound per game this little (or should that be massive?) package is great value for money - and it fills the stocking up!

Gremlin Graphics
Avenger - 85% Issue 36
Future Knight - 76% Issue 36
Krakout - 46% Issue 40
Bounder - 90% Issue 29
Footballer Of The Year - 68% Issue 37
Trailblazer - 88% Issue 34
Highway Encounter - 95% Issue 20
Monty On The Run - 94% Issue 20
West Bank - 84% Issue 25
Jack The Nipper - 93% Issue 30