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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Jenkins
Chris Bourne

Destined to create a strange bulge at the bottom of many a Christmas stocking, 10 Great Games is a compilation from various labels marketed by Gremlin. The score is: four excellent, four good, one fair and one gobbler.

Classics first; Tenth Frame, US Gold's excellent ten-pin bowling simulator; Leaderboard, the original golf game featuring remarkable perspective graphics; Fighter Pilot, an impressive flight simulator from Digital Integration; and Survivor, a 142-screen arcade adventure featuring acid-spitting aliens on a derelict spaceship.

The decent ones include Dragontorc, Hewson's revolutionary (in its time) magical arcade adventure; Firelord, another multi-screen pixies and princesses effort; RanaRama, Hewson's cross between Gauntlet and Shadow Skimmer; Rocco, a boxing simulation; and Impossaball, an unusual arcade adventure featuring psychedelic landscapes and a highly-manoeuvrable cyborg ball.

The Chrismas turkey is City Slicker, Hewson's dull exercise in mapping and object-juggling.

Apart from the fact that reducing the instructions for Leaderboard to fit on the instruction sheet means that the diagrams of the holes become almost useless, this two-cassette package is thumbs up all the way.

Label: Gremlin
Author: Various
Price: £12.99
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Good value-for-money compilation with some classics and very few turkeys.