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ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Elite aren't the only ones out with ten games for a tenner. Gremlin Graphics are currently pushing the second in their 10 Great Games series. Arcade adventurers are well catered for with Auf Weidersehn Monty (voted Best Arcade Adventure 1987 by CRASH readers) Thing Bounces Back (before even appearing on the Spectrum - only the sequel was released) and Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers (a CRASH smash back in issue 46). Cartoon fans can't complain at the inclusion of Basil The Great Mouse Detective or even at Mask. Beat 'em fans are also pampered with Death Wish III and Samurai Trilogy. Then, finally, we have the now obligatory 'previously unreleased game'. Is The Duct too good to release on its own? Or is it just not worth bothering with?

Gremlin Graphics
The Duct - N/R
Auf Wiedersehen Monty - 85% Issue 40
Samurai Trilogy - 49% Issue 45
Convoy Raider - 56% Issue 43
Jack The Nipper II In Coconut Capers - 87% Issue 46
Basil The Great Mouse Detective - 73% Issue 47
Death Wish III - 45% Issue 45
Thing Bounces Back - 85% Issue 42
The Final Matrix - 75% Issue 41
cassette £9.99
+3 disk £14.99