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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Ah, at last, a 4-pack I can identify with. (Cough.) Yes, well, ahem, let's just look at the games, shall we?

The precursor to Gauntlet and, to my mind, a touch superior. The colourful flip-screen dungeons have more of a puzzley feel to them, the graphics are far better and there are some severely creepy nasties. But, best of all, in two-player mode you can bash each other up. It's fun and playable and, in short, rather dandy. (Slap!)

Freddy Hardest
A typical Dinamic Software two-parter as you attempt to filch a replacement ship for Freddy H, cosmic joyrider and crap pilot. Firstly, scamper across a planetoid and beat up some aliens. The tip-toe aboard a rocket and realise you're playing the wrinkly puzzle game V. Very disappointing - the spanky intro sequence implies a laugh-a-minute conk-bonker, but it, um, isn't.

Rogue Trooper
Yes, it's the return of that blue chap from 2000AD (even though Alternative are pretending otherwise). Plot aside, this is basically a 3D isometric shoot-'em-up - a neat idea that works well. With nifty graphics, crunchy sound and plenty of good touches it's very playable. It's also far too easy, but a pleasant way to spend an hour all the same, and a great boost to the ego.

Captain S
A bizarre Spanish beat-'em-up which pits you (as a moustachioed stumblebum named Mariano) against elephants, washing machines and cyborg manicurists. Oh, and if you collect enough sausages you can transform into the shovel-jawed superhero of the title. The graphics are small but highly detailed, and some of the game is very funny indeed, but it's much too hard. The unresponsive controls don't help either. Suck it and see. (If you're still not sure then play it a couple of times.)

Not too hot. Nothing really holds your attention, and it's doubtful whether you'd want it for the novelty value. Have a look elsewhere, preferably for something different.


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If Freddy's so crap, how come he's managed to find (and crash-land on) the world's biggest pizza?