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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Now there's an apt title. These games indeed sound 'speedy'. And 'stuntish'. And there are 'four' of them. Quite a stroke of luck all round, in fact.

The Real Stunt Experts
Fly a helicopter gunship! Drive a 200mph Ferrari! Run into a burning building! Really just an excuse to slap together three shoot-'em-ups, this one has you performing the stunts for a megabudget Hollywood picture. Graphics are adequate, and there's a neat variation on lives (you have to rack a score that cover your insurance premiums) but the games themselves are no different from a squillion others.

Turbo Girl
Bog-standard shoot-'em-up which has you racing along vertically-scrolling platforms, leaping huge gaps and zapping aliens. Smooth, fast, slcik and dull, dull, dull.

BMX Ninja
Using your bike as an offensive weapon, you have to bunny-hop and wheel-spin rival gangs to death. It's a spooky idea that fails miserably as a game. With just three moves, it swiftly becomes more tedious than Tedious Tim, the phantom dullard of Symonds Yat. (Eh? Ed)

Pro Mountain Bike Simulator
Natty split-screen biking sim where you ride against the Speccy or a pal. There's a wide range of obstacles to rattle over, and since it's pedal power only you sometimes have to carry the bike and hobble along on foot! A barrel-load of moves and a sideboardful of options (including a course editor) easily make up for the unpolished graphics.

One of the most tenuously linked compilations, and one of the weakest. Only Mountain Bike Simulator is even vaguely addictive, and that's not quite strong enough to carry the pack. If you've got a decent bike sim, forget it.


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To be a stuntman you need nerves of steel, muscles of iron and a brain the size of an ant's lunchbox.