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Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Jon Pillar
Chris Bourne

Mmm, there's no beating about the bush here, is there? But are we talking rough and tough, or totally duff? There's only one way to find out - we're going in!

Stupidly difficult vertical scroller with a teensy screen and confused graphics. Play for a bit, tear out your hair, hurl your Speccy through the window and run screaming into the night. Completely hopeless.

Army Moves
Shoot loads of people in this two-load blateroo! The real victim however is the playability, killed off by messy graphics and the kind of difficulty level that'd tax a fabulously co-ordinated octopus. It's a shame because, with eight levels, there's quite a lot to it/

River Rescue
Zip along the Amazon in your trusty speedboat avoiding crocs and logs, and pausing to fling lost scientists in the hold. A five minute wonder, except you'll only play it for three, and it's not that wonderful.

19-Boot Camp
Prepare for army life in this four-part training game. There's the assault course (no waggling - you press fire to build up power, then time its release to scramble over obstacles), the firing range (viewed through the rifle 'scope), jeep training (Out Run-ish driving bit) and unarmed combat (get revenge on your nasty old Drill Sergeant). Graphics are sleek, but there's really not much to the game. Each level is either lemon-squeezy simple or very frustrating. Overall, as instantly forgettable as, um, thingie.

Utter crap I'm afraid, Spec-chums. Not even Arnie would touch 'em with a bargepole. (Or ein Uzi 9mm. Arnie) Quite.


Screenshot Text

It's a sad day when a jeep fires at any passing helicopter.