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Richard Hughes
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nat Pryce
Chris Bourne

I must admit I was a bit dubious when I received Bobsleigh. I'm not a great fan of simulations as I've always found them on the unplayable and boring side. But I'm happy to say that Bobsleigh has converted me. It simulates "the fast and dangerous Winter Olympic sport" of bobsleigh raing. (Never!) You must buy your bob, train your team, choose which track to race at and guide the bob down the track in the fastest time possible.

Everything must be run to a tight budget. The upkeep of your team must be paid for, as must the fitness training and repairs to your bob. If you race well, your sponsors will pay you more money, but if you do badly or crash, you receive less and less money, until you're bankrupt. Make piles of moolah and you can buy even faster bobs. The top class of bob is the Olympic one, and you can only enter the Winter Olympics and go for the gold medal with one of these.

The problem I usually find with simulations is that you can never see from the main display whet is going on without constantly checking your instrument panel. In Bobsleigh, the graphics, though not stunning, do convey an excellent sense of realism. You can feel the G-force as you whip round a banked corner - you hardly need to check your speedo as the graphics show your speed surprisingly well. You even see the snow being thrown up in your face when you crash!

Like all good games, Bobsleigh takes no time to get into, but ages to master. At first your aim is just to finish each race, but to do well, you'll need to learn how to take each corner, which runners to fit and when to brake at the end. It'll take you some time to become expert, but you'll never be bored - Bobsleigh is one of the most addictive games I've ever played!

A great simulation with an Elite-ish economics bit too. What more can you ask for?


Screenshot Text

Don't look at the stuff on the side of the screen; you'll lose control if you take your eyes of the track. Cut across the inside of the corner so you're in a good position for the next turn. The less you steer, the faster you go; but don't hit the side - 'cos you'll slow down and damage the bob's go-faster stripes too!