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Richard Hughes
Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Amstrad, £9.95cs, £14.95dk
Spectrum, £9.95cs

This simulation succeeds in capturing not only the thrill of hurtling down an ice wall in a metal bullet, but also the crucial elements of strategy. You can race on six different tracks, including the one from the Calgary Olympics. Each track has its own dangers that can send you careering out of control in an instant.

The Spectrum and Amstrad versions have excellent graphics and driving 'feel'. The 64 version isn't as good because of the bad driving controls and jerky graphics. You compete in world championship and Olympic competition using two or four-man bobs. You can alter the bobs runners depending on the weather conditions, increase the team's fitness for faster starts and buy faster bobs if you do well enough to get more sponsorship money. A superb simulation that demands intense concentration and is always a challenge, no matter how often you play it.

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