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ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes

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Andy Moss
Chris Bourne

The secret of a good compilation tape is that, in amongst some pretty standard games, are one or two absolute gems that are worth the cost of the package on their own Elite has released this bundle - a strange motley bunch of oldies mixed with a couple of recent hits.

For a kick-off, the last game on the tape. Split Personalities, is worth every penny so this is a good buy whatever the state of the others in the set.

The tape begins with Scooby Doo, a pleasant arcade platform game.

Next is 1942. the conversion of the original arcade game, and this is pretty close to the coin-op.

Duet is next. It's the only unreleased track on the tape and is really a Gauntlet clone set in the Commando mould. It's really very good.

Jet Set Willy II has lost a lot of its charm in these days of pushing the Spectrum to its limits and the two-year age gap shows.

Sacred Armour of Antirad never did anything for me when it first came out, (but it was an SU Classic), so this time around I like it even less.

And Fighting Warrior from Melbourne House, was a huge disappointment. Hit 6 Pak is still terrific value. No excuses. Buy it.

Label: Elite
Author: Various
Price: £7.95
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: various
Reviewer: Andy Moss

Top value mix of some oldies and newies. Who can gripe at seven games on one tape.