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Timothy Closs
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Steve Malone
Chris Bourne

Quick! Kaptain Kleptor's hidden a whole stack of bombs in the Pentagon, and it's up to our gallant hero to defuse 'em.

The explosive action takes place in one of those a-maze-ing room games that we all know and love - well, I do anyway! You'll find the bombs tucked away in awkward nooks and crannies so get searching. But keep a sharp eye open for the usual collection of sentinels bouncing around, ranging from diamonds to spacemen looking like extras from JSWII.

On the face of it, the rooms look a doddle, but hang on a sec, there's a slight problem. Our hero, all togged up in his super hero suit (A sort of bomber jacket? Ed), has a terrible tendency to bomb around the screen - that's why he's called Bomber! Off he goes, crashing into every meanie that moves and a helluva lot that don't. So, Bomber, lovable as he is, needs a firm hand on the joystick.

True, the game contains nothing you won't have seen before but I still found Bomber Bob great fun. One to pass a boring afternoon when the bomb drops!