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Jeffery Bond
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Somewhere on the icy wastes of the planet Neptune lies a research station. Inside the station an alien enemy has planted a huge timebomb and the base has been evacuated. It's a job for the bomb disposal man, or in this case the bomb disposal robot. You've got to guide your faithful defusing machine around the station to deactivate the bomb before it goes boom and puts Neptune firmly in the asteroid belt. To keep you company on your quest the aliens have left behind a whole host of nasties that'll deplete your energy should you be unlucky enough to run into one.

To make the bomb completely harmless you have to lay your hands on some bits of equipment scattered around the station. There are also other useful objects which enable you to recharge your energy and firepower plus a few other things into the bargain. The teleport system helps you gad about but you're going to have to work out how to use it yourself.

Screen display is in nifty isometric 3D, your robot's status shown at the bottom. Controlling the robot can be a bit tricky at first as it uses the rotate and move method and it's all quite realistic too. I had a distinct tendency to overshoot doorways and the like, To make it even harder the baddies don't just lay down and die gracefully when you zap them - they simply reappear moments later.

Graphics and sound are nicely presented, even down to the little brush that appears before you've had time to draw your last breath after being blasted to sweep up your remains. All in all, a well put together and challenging arcade adventure.