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US Gold Ltd
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Marcus Berkmann
Chris Bourne

Another old US Gold fave disinterrred by Kixx. General opinion these days seems to be that of the various skateboarding games, Skate Crazy is much the superior, but I disagree. When we first saw this at YS we wuz quite gobsmacked, which, as Phil's gob was stuffed with a cheese and pickle sandwich at the time, was quite traumatic for all of us. The idea of the game is to perform stunts, which give you points, which give you tickets for the skate parks, where you can compete for medals and cash, which you can use to buy goodies for your board, which make you perform better stunts. Got all that? It gets sillier. In one of the single most inspired ideas ever to get sucked into a computer game, you have a time limit to enter each of the four skate parks (Downhill, Jump, Ramp and Slalom), after which you are pursued by a swarm of killer bees. "Why killer bees?" you ask. "Why not?" I reply.

Based of course on the coin-op, the Spectrum 720' is one of those rare conversions that plays as well as the original. Graphics (monochrome, natch) are superb, and movement is beautifully fluid. An absolute ripper, in fact, and still worthy of the ultimate YS award - the coveted Megagame! (Send your cheque to...)