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The Edge
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K
Alkatraz Protection System

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Chris Bourne

One good thing about a company producing many games for the Spectrum is that when it comes to compilation time (it hits all of us eventualy, the thought of something for almost nothing is too good to be true) they have a wide choice of products. Softek International are one such company. Now, with almost more labels than Debenhams, they've chosen to release their next succulent selection under the banner of The Edge. Their last compilation was supposedly a Collectors' Edition but this one should appeal to Softek fans even more - you can almost track the life of the Spectrum with it. From way back in '84 come Psytraxx and Starbike. 1985 brings us such memorable games as Brian Bloodaxe and That's The Spirit. 1986 was a very good year if I remember correctly - we had Bobby Bearing (which would still do tremendously well nowadays) and Mindstone, a credible adventure. And who could forget 1987 with such delights as Inside Outing and Xecutor. They're all here - good and bad, old and new - and for only £8.99 it's got to be worth it!

The Edge
Xecutor - 84% Issue 45
Inside Outing - 82% Issue 49
Bobby Bearing - 94% Issue 31
Shadow Skimmer - 62% Issue 39
Mindstone - 89% Issue 33
Warlock - N/R
Psytraxx - 69% Issue 10
Brain Bloodaxe - 86% Issue 14
Thaqt's The Spirit - 82% Issue 20
Starbike - 77% Issue 10
cassette £8.99