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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer:Lotus-Soft, 48K £4.50(1)
Author: Derek Jones
If you're fed up with zapping aliens or roaring round the race track, why not retire to the peace and quiet of an English bowling green? This game offers the services of the computer as a mediator rather than player between two opponents. The computer throws the 'jack' and then each player has 4 alternative turns to bowl, the object being to get your bowl as close to the 'jack' as possible. Cursor keys 5 and 8 are used to determine direction of throw, and the strength is determined by choosing the weight of ball, a heavier ball going further. There is a feature which diagramatically shows how close the bowls are to the jack after each throw. The game is neatly executed but suffers the common fault of sports simulations - the lack of ultimate reality undermines the skills required to play it. However, it is good value for money and will doubtless appeal to many. Overall CRASH rating 57%, good if you like the idea. BASIC.