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Sport: Action
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

If you're fed up of zapping harmless aliens, escaping from claustrophobic car parks or roaring round race tracks, why not retire to the peace and quiet of an English bowling green? This sport simulation program offers two players the services of the computer as mediator rather than player.

The rules for playing are exactly as in the real game except it's the computer that 'throws' the jack. For those who never watch Crown Green Bowling on telly, a jack is the black ball which is first thrown by one player before the two players catch it up by throwing their playing bowls to get as close to the jack as possible. The cursor keys 5 and 8 are used to move a base of screen pointer in the direction you want your bowl to go. The strength of throw is determined by the weight of bowl, a heavier ball going further than a light one. The computer then does the rest. You may cut to a diagrammatic close up which shows in magnified form how close to the jack the bowl has come to rest. Each player has tour throws, and the program allows for setting the number of games.


'This was only a review copy I saw, so I've no idea what the actual packaging will be like, but the instructions presented on screen were brilliant. The use of colour couldn't have been better - green! And the simple graphics were okay. There are some good tunes and it's generally a good simulation of the game, but it gets boring after a bit.'

'Nice screen after a short load with the instructions in the program. The keyboard positions are well laid out and the graphics are reasonable although limited because of the BASIC. The green appears to be 'crown' (ie raised at the centre) because the bowls tend to curve out and move back in on the jack. The game is not bad at all and at 14.50 it's one of the cheapest games on the market. But with excellent games available at about a pound more I would probably save my money. However it does make a nice change from saving the universe.'

'I would have to say that while this is a very good game and a good simulation. it tends to suffer with the usual inactivity of armchair sports which divests the game of much of its excitement. However I would recommend it to anyone who happens to be interested in these types of game.

Keyboard positions: sensible, 5/8 left/right and B for bowl
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: straightforward
Graphics: reasonable
Sound: average to poor

General Rating: fair unless you enjoy quiet sport simulations.