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Code Masters Ltd
Owen Brunette
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Gwyn Hughes
Chris Bourne

Spacemen can be so cruel. So, Harry Jones lost his equipment in the Stellar mines. Is that any reason to call him Brainache? And to send horn back alone to retrieve his equipment. They might never see him again.

This program's unlikely to induce much in the way of brainache, but eye-strain is definitely on the cards, as hapless Harry has to delve into a scrolling subterranean system that makes Hip-Hop graffiti look low key. Very brash, very Spectrum.

All have here is another attempt to disguise the platform and ladders format, and it works - the landscape looks lice rocks and tracks. But these gaudy graphics have overreached the poor little Spectrum's capabilities. The tiny sprite could do with being even more fatheaded - anything to help you see him against the raucous background!

Of course, after the glut of Jet Set Willy clones, there's been something of a famine for the last few months. Maybe you miss that happy old formula of picking up the objects and solving problems (Now what can I use this ladder for? Duh!). But I don't think Brainache'll start the platforms and ladders revival.

Even wearing sunglasses, everything tends to merge into one muddy mess, and while I'm willing to believe the game itself could be quite playable, you might not want to persist when the attributes are so clearly set against you!