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Silversoft Ltd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Silversoft, 16K £5.95 (1)
I Morrison & D Anderson
You're in charge of a tank deep inside a bored and dangerous computer which sees your presence as a bit of fun to enliven its dreary life of computing. Hot on your tail are Electron Panzers, Marauders, Centurions and Rogue Programs, each smarter than the last. The object, quite simply, is to hit one of these and promote to the next level. But it isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a measure of how fast the game can be that with only one hit to concentrate on it remains a very difficult zap game to play. Only one blast at a time but the laser beam ricochets (beautifully). A complex array of control keys allow for 4-directional movement and turret rotation. Neat, smooth graphics, good sound, joystick: Kemptson, AGF or Protek. 3 control key options, 3 skill levels, multiple screens, pretty addictive one you get the hang. overall CRASH rating69% M/C.