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Tom Prosser
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rachael Smith
Chris Bourne

Back in the land of arcade adventure, you control Robin-Banks, an interplanetary alien zapper who's been sucked down the plughole into Professor Brainstorm's castle. You can escape by walking, or using your jetpack, through a 650 screen maze where you collect keys and special weapons to do away with the eight guardians.

All fairly standard stuff, though nicely done, as you'd expect from the ever improving Bubble Bus. There's a nice touch too in the use of momentum when steering Robin, and loss of life results in him flying around like a burst balloon.

So far, so good, but either I'm losing my touch or the game is just too difficult. The problem lies in the Clone's 28 varieties - that's almost half as many as Heinz! - whose ability to fill the airspace is worse than jets at Heathrow. Though they're easy to kill there're so many, and they replenish so often that it's nearly impossible to avoid them, even while shooting. What I saw I liked but its sheer difficulty eventually made me lose interest.