Martin D. White
ZX Spectrum 48K

Tony Dillon
Chris Bourne

Another thing my granny used to say was "If you want to sell a game, then make it simple." Obviously Mr. White has been snooping round my ol' granny's house because this offering from the GIA stable is a very simple idea. You are presented with 6 different coloured rectangles, which are then segmented and mixed up. You have to slide the various segments around and try to piece the colours together again. The game is not easy, far from it. It's hard. Now, I'm not totally thick, but even after 3 hours on level 1, I still hadn't finished it.

GIA has a very good concept on its hands here. If only it had taken just a little more care over the front end and screen presentation.

Label: Go-It-Alone Software
Author: Martin White
Price: £9.99 (Mail Order only)
Memory: 48K/128K
Joystick: Keyboard only
Reviewer: Tony Dillon

Good for fans of Rubik, but for us lesser mortals, a poor investment.