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State Soft Ltd
Richard Huddy
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Roger: Toshing out the crumbling walls of the Willis ancestral pile with half a gallon of budget emulsion was never like this. Bristles is about painting and decorating, a subject which I sincerely doubt is close to anybody's heart, but manages an appeal to lovers of quick-fire arcade activity through a sort of covert complexity.

At first sight, simplistic graphics representing the eight houses to be attacked by brush - with a choicc of skill levels and the odd bit of trickery stirred in to give it gloss (sic, sic and sic) - are enough to make anybody fall asleep on the job. Its speed and scoring system just about save the day, however. Climbing up the skill levels introduces any aspirant tosher to the delights of working with clear varnish or doing it in the dark.

All sorts of graphical oddities get in your way, banishing you back to the start. There are also elevators that can transport you all over the shop. However, having this info lodged in-brain did little to help me on-screen!

Why, playing this game could be just like serving an apprenticeship without getting magnolia all over the carpet. 2/5 HIT

Ross: The graphics are pretty awful, but the game was certainly fast. It gets really frustrating round about the sixth and seventh levels! 2/5 MISS

Dave: Colourful, if crude, graphics shame about the tunes! The sort of game that gets you asking that all-important question. Why? 1/5 MISS