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Zenobi Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Tim Kemp
Chris Bourne

It is 1519 AD and the forces of evil have been running riot in Tenochtitlan, a village at the heart of the Aztec empire. You are Phoenix, The Traveller In Black and it's your job see those baddies off. These nasties take the form of assorted demons, led by a character known only as 'The Chameleon'. These foul demons have nicked the ashes of past leaders, made off with all manner of religious artifacts and are slaughtering the Aztecs in droves. As the Aztec culture leans heavily towards human sacrifice it is doubtful whether there will be enough people left who can be sacrificed in order to prevent the dreaded 'fifth sun' from occurring. This is not good.

Your first task is to meet and greet a tired-looking priest. For much of the game you'll find yourself meeting people and being given various tasks to perform. Sometimes you'll find that after just a bit of casual rooting around you'll be able to carry out your tasks, though sometimes you'll have to travel far and wide to make sure you really see, get and do everything.

At the heart of the city lies a gateway. It's here that the evil manifestations flow in, and presumably also where the good guys get kicked out. Every time you do something right you manage, with a little help from the remaining locals, to see off a few demons. The better you succeed in your various tasks the more demons get the chop.

Absolutely everything you have to do in the game is based around the Aztecs and their culture. This means that you have to witness a peculiar game of football, obey the laws, be attired correctly at certain times (to enter certain places safely) and at one stage in the game you even have to help a midwife deliver a baby. Even that entails finding the correct item to help bring on the contractions. Everything is absolutely 100% accurate.

Aztec Assault is a text only game, with nothing much in the way of special features, but it has a wealth of educational detail. Aimed at beginners more than anything, it should still prove of interest to more experienced adventurers too. Very enjoyable!