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Kim J. Gouldstone
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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


THERE ARE surprisingly few bank account programs for the Spectrum but those which are available are excellent pieces of software.

Bank Account System, for the 48K Spectrum, will store all the details of a bank account, whether they be cash or cheque transactions. It will keep account of the payment of standing orders and also calculate and update the balance.

The system provides full error-trapping and will not allow you to type-in any incorrect answers, although there is an omission at the beginning of the program which could be mistaken for a bug.

When you first use the program you are asked to type-in the present date. When you re-use the system the old date is displayed and you are asked for a new present date. If you enter a date which falls before the old date the program will accept it.

That may serve some historical purpose so far as file- handling is concerned but it could also lead to errors on the system.

The program is well-structured and the user should have no difficulty entering the data required by the computer to do its calculations.

Unlike some other accounting programs which are also written in Basic, the code which stores the password is well hidden in the program lines, although someone who knows a little about the Spectrum could probably by-pass it.

Bank Account System is good value and costs only £3. It is available from K J Gouldstone, 45 Burleigh Avenue, Wallington, Surrey, SM6 7JG.

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