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Kim J. Gouldstone
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Mike Wright
Chris Bourne

(This is the review of the QL version)

IN THE first piece of QL applications software aimed mainly at the home user, Kim Gouldstone has introduced a version of his Spectrum Bank Account System.

QL Bank Account System is designed to provide all the information you need about the state of your bank account.

The system is built round the transaction, which consists of a computer defined number, a transaction type code - cashcard, cheque etc - the date, a six figure reference number, a 15-character description, the amount, and an analysis code.

The amount is entered in pence, and while that is acceptable on the Spectrum where the point is badly situated, it is not so with the QL. Up to 10 analysis codes with descriptions can be used and, via the transaction analysis option, show the total and average expenditure for each group.

New details are held temporarily until the Update option is used, when they are added to any in the system file and all transactions are sorted by date. The sort routine is very slow.

An Enquiry option offers a range of details which can be displayed on the screen or printed. The Print Statement option produces a neat printout which shows the date, type, reference number, description, amount and balance for transactions from a given date. Debits are denoted with a minus sign. With the printout only using 60 of a possible 80 columns it would have been preferable to have separate debit and credit columns.

The manual is held on microdrive cartridge and loaded separately. Unfortunately, to check any details the manual must be reloaded. A built-in Help option would be a great improvement.

While it is comparatively easy to use and the printout is clear and easily readable, QL Bank Account System still looks like a Spectrum program. Better use could be made of the QL memory and power.

Mike Wright

Publisher: K J Gouldstone, 45 Burleigh Avenue, Wellington, Surrey SM6 6 7JG
Price: £8.00