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C.P.S. Games
Not Known
Strategy: War
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: Chameleon, 16K £5.50
'This is not an Arcade type game which is over in a few minutes and the only faculties to be tested are a thumb and firing finger!' It says on the inlay. Too right. The eight-part load takes about ten minutes with breaks to let you copy the various town co-ordinates and maps, without which you can do nothing, so a ZX printer is essential. And then each move, yours and the enemy's takes an age as the screen builds up the image in BASIC. The game represents the famous German thrust against the advancing Allies in World War II and claims to reproduce the German advance accurately. Your job is to try and do better than the Allies did in preventing it. One thing is certain, the real Battle of the Bulge has to have been more thrilling than this computer version, which is very badly dated.