Arcade Software
Bruce Rutherford
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

Simon Cox, Ian Simmonds, Jon Warner
Chris Bourne

A maze game which involves stealing money, etc, while avoiding the pursuing bubbles whose sole aim is to suffocate you on contact.

Ian: While the graphics in this game are adequate, they don't really alter very much. And the same can be said for the choice of colours which is disappointing, especially when there are 50 screens to work through. 4/10

Simon: Visually, the effect is quite pleasing, with sprite movement and well-defined characters that are clearly visible - which is partly due to the choice of colours. 5/10

Jon: The lowest speed level is reasonable, but the higher levels are far too slow, which is surprising when you consider the game is written in machine code. Generally, it's just another Pacman variation. 3/10