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Crystal Computing
Arcade: Action
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne

The 'Centipede' rampages on in this new all action arcade game from Crystal with a ludicrously short loading time (are they using Microdrives already?) There's all these green amoebae whining about the screen, gradually getting lower and threatening your laser base. They do this as individuals, not as segments of some greater beast, often splitting into two and generally multiplying.

There's also lots of what might be described as dead amoeba) slime in clumps everywhere, which must be shot away (the mushrooms) to give you a clear firing path. Any amoeba shot, turns into more icky blue stuff.

As you might expect, all this decaying, primordial sludge attracts a lot of flies, and after them, a lot of lizards which threaten you. Your laser base may move from left to right and up or down by about four character squares. Like their other release this month Cyber Zone this game has voice activation for firing the laser although it isn't guaranteed to work and depends on your tape recorder.


'The graphics, although fairly small, are nicely detailed and very fast moving with little perceptible Jerkiness. The game type doesn't exactly appeal to me, but this is certainly one of the most exciting versions I've seen yet with a fast and furious pace. It could have been even better if there were more skill levels with different things happening.'

'After playing several versions quite a few times I've become rather tired of 'Centipedes', but this one changes all that. Smooth graphics, fast action and excellent sound, plus the 'revamp' of the basic idea put new life into this arcade pensioner! It's fun and does have a certain amount of addictiveness.'

'I think the game idea palls after a bit of playing, but while you are getting the hang of it, it's great fun to play, nice and fast, with very satisfying explosions helped by the excellent sound.'

Control keys: Z/X =left/right, N/M = up/down, SPACE = fire, Pity the direction keys are in a straight line. There does seem to be auto fire, however, which makes life easier
Joystick: none
Keyboard play: responsive and fast
Use of colour average
Graphics: small but good
Sound: excellent
Skill levels: 1
Lives: 5

General Rating: Good, medium addictive.


Screenshot Text

A 'Galaxo-centipede' from Bug Blaster.