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Icon Software Ltd
Peter Fothergill
Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Dave Nicholls, Ross Holman, Roger Willis
Chris Bourne

Ross: Well, I'll be bug-eyed. Agent Starman's our hero in this game but haven't we been here before? Alien Space craft bent on the destruction of civilisation and eventual domination of the galaxy. You have to penetrate the ship and press on through its power generator. Sounds familiar? Like 99 per cent of all previous space-age shoot 'em ups!

The little space-suited chappy can move left or right and drop any distance without suffering noticeable brain damage. The ship's populated by a scruffy assortment of crushers, bug-eyed monsters and spiders, all of which prove harmful to prolonged existence if touched. You'll also have to negotiate bridges that appear and disappear and the old stand-by, moving platforms. At the top of the screen is an energy bar that gradually reduces until you top it up by completing a screen. You can wave goodbye to another life if this reaches zero.

Each screen's a colourful concoction consisting of various blocks that form walkways and bouncing nasties that pose some tricky timing problems. No way is this original, but the screens take some thinking out if you're to get through. 3/5 MISS

Roger: It takes more than ten screens of intergalactic body-swerving to et me bug-eyed. 2/5 MISS

Dave: A pretty proficient, perambulating platform game with very smooth graphics. Why aren't there more screens though? 3/5 HIT