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Serin Software
Card Game
ZX Spectrum 16K

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Chris Bourne


BRIDGEMASTER, for the 48K Spectrum, is nothing to do with the programs which claim to play full versions. It fulfils the worthier aim of teaching the player how to play Bridge.

The course is split into a series of lessons using the Acol system, based on hands dealt by the computer. It starts simply by giving the user a chance to see play in action and you can follow play on the screen with an audio cassette which provides background narrative.

When the narrative is finished you have a chance to play the hands discussed in the lesson and the computer will inform you of any mistakes you make. There are 55 deals which you have to run though in that way, although the package makes each interesting in turn.

Also included with the four tapes, two for software and two for commentary, is a short instruction book which is helpful in setting up the course and letting the user know about the standards used, and a book by expert Terence Reese. The book is not related to the software but it shows that an expert has faith in the package.

As well as providing an easy introduction to the subject, Bridgemaster will make people who would not normally be interested in the subject into addicts. It is a product which will make you feel you want to gather some friends and get out the cards. It is a welcome change from programs which would have you play Bridge with them.

Bridgemaster can be obtained from the usual computer outlets, including W H Smith and Boots.

Memory: 16K
Price: £24.95