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Buffer Micro Ltd
Not Known
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Ian Hemmingway, Phil Morse, Frank Pelling
Chris Bourne

You enter the Buffer Micro shop in order to discover what goes on behind the scenes. Unfortunately, it's not possible to leave until you locate your missing credit cards and the beastly staff insist on you buying your way out.

Frank: It's refreshing to come across an adventure with a theme that's quite different from all the others... it's just a pity there are no graphics. The humour is good. HIT

Ian: An adventure behind the closed doors of a well-known, south London computer shop is a very good idea and this one is particularly well executed; very playable and difficult. HIT

Phil: While the idea behind this game is fairly good, it docs suffer from being text-only and the overall presentation is average. It also takes a long time to escape. MISS