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Novotrade Rt.
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Roger Keane
Chris Bourne

Caesar the Cat is a game designed with younger players in mind, but its graphics, content and playability lift it into the realm of original arcade games probably worth anyone having a look at. The larder comes with four shelves, well stocked with items of food and a few jars.

Caesar must prowl the shelves and catch the mice which are constantly nibbling away at the food. He can walk either way along any of the shelves as well as jump up or down. But knocking over a jar will cost a 1,000 points, and the red jar will end the game. However, Caesar may walk behind them without any harm, it .s only if he jumps up or down where a jar stands, or when he's right beside one that he trouble happens.

Catching mice is not an easy task as they refuse to stay on the same shelf as Caesar, so the cat has to act in a cunning way. If he gets hold of a mouse, a door out of the larder opens. It may be at the end of any of the shelves. The object is to carry the mouse out and then return for the rest. There are three kinds of mice: black one's that earn 300 points, blue ones worth 500 points and red ones each worth 700 points. There are 10 of each kind and when you have caught the 10 an alarm clock rings and the blues appear, followed by the reds. As the game progresses the mice move quicker, nibble faster and it all gets harder.

Other problems are that Caesar must not be allowed to sit down or your score goes down rapidly to zero. The cat is also docked points for banging his head on walls or ceilings.


'This game contains some good, large graphics, the cat is well animated when considering its size. I personally found the game a little aimless after catching a few mice, but with its colourful graphics it should appear to the younger players, say 10 and under.'

'First seen on the Commodore 64, this Spectrum version has translated very faithfully. In fact, in common with some other games which are available on both machines, I found the graphics here clearer than in the 64 version. Caesar is excellently animated and characterful - so are the mice with their little tongues busily at work on the disappearing food. For kids it should come as a thrill to discover how to catch the tricky mice - it may even come as a surprise to adults! For the arcade player it is certainly worth half an hour's attention.'

'Caesar's played out against ever-decreasing points so sitting down on the lobs not allowed. It's a totally original idea that is quite easy to play but where some skill is needed. Very detailed graphics of food and a realistically animated cat (you) make this an enjoyable game to play. Very good use of colour and sound - ideal for the younger player - or perhaps even older?'

Control keys: good positions, A/S left/right, P/L up/down
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: responsive
Use of colour: very good
Graphics: very good, large, well animated and detailed
Sounds: good tunes, less during the game itself
Skill levels: progressive difficulty
General Rating: Good value and addictive for younger players.


Screenshot Text

Food, glorious food - Caesar's vitamin-rich diet darts all over the screen.