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Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

CCS, 48K £5.00
Author: C Chapman & G Brooks
You are Arthur Pendragon, banished from Camelot by the wicked Black Knight, but an unknown ally has loaned you 50 bags of gold pieces. You must travel around and collect seven items that are hidden in various countries. Three baazars exist where you may buy items to help you, and there we other items hidden that may help you overcome problems. The object is to collect the seven items and re-enter Camelot to be crowned King. This is a graphics adventure where you move Arthur and his band of warriors around a map by using keys N,S,E,W. At each step the scene cuts to a graphic representing castles, towns and different types of landscape. In each there is some problem to overcome, like a band of brigands whom you may fight or flee. BatHe strength and helpful objects already collected help determine the outcome. Should you win there is a search option for more useful items. The graphics are bright and clear, response times are fairly good and this unconventinal adventure might well make an attractive change from the usual.