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Dinamic Software
Arcade: Platform
Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K
Multiple schemes (see individual downloads)

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Chris Bourne

C64, Amstrad, Spectrum: £1.99

Resplendent in a suit of shining armour, a solitary knight heads off in search of the fabled castle Camelot. His route across mediaeval England takes him through woods, across a lake, through caverns and finally on to the home of Arthur Pendragon.

In each segment of land, the knight has to avoid the touch of various creatures indigenous to the segment; contact with any proves fatal, and the knight is only blessed with four incarnations. Later scenes are entered by reaching the exit of the previous one.

Once the castle is safely gained, four elements from the regions are to be found and presented to the corresponding guardians so they can be destroyed. The final challenge is an enigmatic quest "to find the key that will unlock the secret magic mystery". Hmmm.

This difficult scrolling and flick-screen arcade adventure goes a bit limp after a while. Although brandishing a large sword, the knight has precious little chance to use it and must instead rely on his abilities to leap large buildings in a single bound. Annoyingly tricky control and lack of immediate action conspire towards its premature and unfortunate downfall.


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C64 - Camelot Warriors.