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Strategy: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne


IN CARIBBEAN Trader for the 48K Spectrum, you are the captain of a cargo vessel plying the Caribbean. Starting with your funds and a loan from the loan shark, your aim is to invest in various cargos such as tobacco, guns, spices and slaves and see if you can make a killing in any of four island ports.

Each time you set sail, a variety of things can happen to you - rebel pirates might board you and buy your guns, a police party might confiscate your illegal cargo, or a typhoon might force you to jettison everything on board. On the other hand, it might pass over without causing any serious damage.

Meanwhile, the prices of the commodities in which you are interested are fluctuating and the interest on your loan continues to rise. The game can be played on three levels of difficulty and in spite of very basic graphics, the lively story-line and a number of possible variations - many depending on the route you happened to be sailing - make it an addictive strategy game. Meeting the objective - becoming solvent - is not easy, which adds further interest.

Caribbean Trader is available from East Midland Software, 54 Ryecroft Street, Stapleford, Notts, and costs £4.95.

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