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David Walton
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Pete Shaw
Chris Bourne

Looking something like an early blueprint for Atic Atac, Captain Slog makes an uncertain sort of arrival from CRL's new budget arm. Perhaps amputation might help?

You play, funnily enough, Captain Slog who, according to the brief instructions, has a funny feeling in his nutrition pouch. Whether Captain Slog's personal problems have any great relevance to the game, I couldn't discern. But he was walking a little oddly. Meanwhile, back at the playpen, your only means of escape from certain death, blah, blah, is to collect nine blueprints to what I think is a spacecraft, though this wasn't particularly clear in the instructions either. Also standing between you and a trip to McDonald's when you get home are three colour coded gates to which you must find the key, plus a number of robot nasties who drain your energy levels on impact.

For a £1.99 game, Captain Slog is technically very good. Nice clear graphics, excellent animation and two years ago it would've probably become another Jet Set Willy. Unfortunately for AlphaOmega the gameplay is now very old hat and leaves this reviewer with an attention span of approximately 2 1/2 minutes. On the other hand, for new Speccy owners, Captain Slog is a perfect way of making up for what you've missed while the Spectrum's been alive...