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ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rosetta McLeod
Chris Bourne

The aim of Cargo is to demonstrate the careful planning that is needed to allow a cargo ship to carry its maximum load in safety. The player first has to load the ship making sure that the cargo is distributed evenly in the holds, and of course has to pay attention to the Plimsoll line markings in doing so. The player can select a rank (Master, Chief Officer, Second Mate, Cadet) and at the end of the game may be promoted or demoted depending on performance. The child can also choose a starting point and a port of call all of the ports are clearly marked on the screen map. After the ship has been loaded and has begun its journey is line appears on the map to trace the course), the screen display indicates how It is sitting in the water the higher the salinity, the more buoyancy it gives to the ship. The program also gives a continuous report on conditions at sea. If you reach your port of call safely, you must unload the cargo and get your score.

This game covers a lot of ground (or should it be sea?) in terms of educational content. Children will learn about salinity and sailing conditions in different parts of the world, improving their geographical knowledge by constant reference to the map. The booklet also gives useful background information about Samuel Plimsoll.


Control keys: SPACE and ENTER
Keyboard play: good
Use of colour: good
Graphics: excellent
Panel's comments: the boys liked it more than the girls did. The map was very good and we liked the way your trail was marked by dots. The program is good value, and the boys would be happy to get it for Christmas.
General Rating: A very well designed program which is both enjoyable and educational.