Multiple languages (see individual downloads)
ZX Spectrum 48K

Dilwyn Jones, Ieuan Davis, Gerralt Jones
Chris Bourne

Another educational game for eight-to-12 year olds which this time has a mathematical slant - towards teaching arithmetic, graphs and strategy planning. The idea is to travel around Britain choosing the appropriate vehicle and route for various tasks.

Dilwyn: Fairly good graphics and route map. All units are metric for school use. It's a pity that the reference to the Welsh 'Eisteddfod' had to be mis-spelt though! 7/10

Ieuan: No sound again! Useful activity booklet and keyboard overlay. The package is better than most educational software, but I'm not sure how long it will keep the kids' interest. 6/10

Gerralt: Basically, a fairly simple concept done quite well; a bit more animation would probably have helped to keep the attention of the users. 7/10