Eclipse Software
W. Moore
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 48K

Ian Hemmingway, Frank Pelling, Owen Pugh
Chris Bourne

This is a good old shooting gallery game where your job is to clear all the targets from the first round, then shoot the prowling bears before moving on.

Owen: The sound sets the right mood for a stint in the shooting gallery, and the graphics spur you on even more. The problem is the game is easy, and soon gets boring. MISS

Ian: The graphics are average and not too exciting, and much the same can be said for the use of colour. The six available speeds help things along a bit, and it's probably very suitable for young children. HIT

Frank: While it might be ideal for computer games novices, it's still just another version of an arcade shooting gallery program. Most disappointing of all is the distinctly unimaginative use of colour. MISS