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ZX Spectrum 128K
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Chris Bourne

Rainbird £14.99cs, £15.99dk

Microprose must be thanking their lucky stars they now have the publishing rights to excellent strategic software like Realtime's brilliant Carrier Command. It wipes the floor with anything the Tetbury based outfit have come up with themselves in the last two years.

And the marvellous thing about Carrier Command is that the game play is just as brilliant on the Speccy as it is on ST and Amiga. However, it is not all sweetness and light as it will only work in 128K mode.

You are in command of an enormous futuristic air craft carrier, the SS Epsilon. The bad news is that the enemy have taken control of the Epsilon's sister ship, and are set on using it to take control of a strategically important set of 32 islands.

Using the immense weaponry of the Epsilon - including its jet fighters and land assault vehicles - you must defeat the now renegade Omega carrier.

You view the action through a central window which shows you all of the fighting in amazingly smooth vector graphics. Commands are implemented weapons selected and vehicles chose trough a system of icons that surround this central window.

Carrier Command is that rare thing - a game that successfully blends exciting arcade game play with a serious cerebral challenge.