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Sport: Management
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne

Producer: Peaksoft, 48.K £5.95
One of the earlier games on football for the Spectrum, whIch features rioting fans, club bankruptcy, promotion and relegation s well as the matches themselves. There are five teams in ea division, including yourself, and you can pick any name for your own team. You start in the fourth division and play 16 games to get promoted if you reach the top of a division by the end of the season. If you get to the top of Division 1, there is a chance of playing the European Cup. Players may be bought from other clubs and from the transfer market, their prices vary according to the players' skill levels. Factors such as gate money and wage bills are taken into account as well as random elements under the heading of News, which may tell you that rioting fans have caused thousands of pounds of damage. There are no graphics, and the game is quite fast to play. Written in BASIC. Overall CRASH rating of 53%.