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SCR Adventures
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Chris Bourne

Producer: SCR Adventures, 48K £8.95 (3)
Author: Sheppard, Cummins & Richardson
A text-only adventure, and first of a planned series of Artemis Quests. The Goddess Artemis, glimpsed in a dream, bids you enter Castle Blackstar to recover her power orb from the vast underground caverns. To achieve maximum points all treasures found must be cleansed of their evil, all puzzles solved and the orb returned. Location descriptions are detailed and atmospheric and response times are machine code fast with a touch of humour. The development of cause and effect is pretty advanced with situations like the turning of a winch in one room, causing the raising of a chandelier in another far away. Perhaps the only drawback is the rather steep price in comparison to many other similar adventures, so a low rating on value or money, but overall a CRASH rating of 75%.