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Tartan Software
Adventure: Text
ZX Spectrum 48K

Mike Gerrard
Chris Bourne

No round-up would be complete without at least one game from Tartan Software, who continue to churn them out but thankfully without any loss of quality. In fact Castle Eeerie/Shipwreck was churned out some time ago, but as the Ed still hasn't allowed me to take over the whole magazine it's had to queue up with others for a mention.

Shipwreck's the cheerful tale of you having your holiday of a lifetime ruined when a fire breaks out below decks in the luxury cruiser you're sailing on in the South Pacific. It's very professionally presented, but slightly marred for me by the way that life on board ship continues as normal despite the fact that fire is raging and your task is to get off the ship in one piece. If you do that, you find yourself on an island... can you escape? Planning ahead means that you buy a map from the shop and need to forge a permit to get onto the bridge to note the ship's position, though having discovered the Captain's name it's no wonder the ship's going down! Plenty more for you to do within a given number of moves, and if you accept the strange logic of the game it's a good solid adventure if not quite as imaginative as some on these pages.

On t'other side of t'tape is Castle Eeerie, where your name is Charlie Jones and you've been certified. Well, certified to carry a gun anyway, as you're a special agent. Your assignment is to investigate Castle Eeerie, a strange building somewhere in Scotland where mysterious figures have been seen at dimly lit windows at night and strange sounds have been heard coming from within. Sounds like Tartan Software's Tom FYost at another late night adventure session. Instead it's the setting for another reliable adventure - nothing exceptional but with two games on one tape for £2.95, worth investigating.