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The Edge
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Paul Sumner
Chris Bourne

IF YOU LIKE life on The Edge, you'd better not miss Classix 1. This 'collector's edition' brings together all Softek's and The Edge's hits since they first entered the Spectrum software scene to 1984. The star of the package is without a doubt Bobby Bearing, in this 3D Marble Madness-type game the eponymous cute little ball of fun has to rescue his mates. This little wonder picked up nearly every computer award available and makes the package immense value for money. Also hidden away on Classix 1 is The Edge's first adventure, That's The Spirit. It's not often we see adventures on compilations, but maybe Classix 1 has something tor everyone..

The Edge
Bobby Bearing - 94% Issue 31
Brian Bloodaxe - 86% Issue 14
Starbike - 77% Issue 10
Psytraxx - 69% Issue 10
That's The Spirit - N/R