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ZX Spectrum 48K

Theodora Wood
Chris Bourne

ENGLEFIELD Software has produced a series of programs designed for use in schools. Those adopt the top down approach where the teacher is fully in control of the activities, and after a set of exercises is completed the message appears on the screen 'show page to teacher'.

Clown helps with sound blends presenting a gapped word such as I .. ther, and a choice of three blends to use, for example, ea, ie, ee. The word has to be typed in, and if correct part of a clown's face is built up.

High Wire tests knowledge of tables given a choice of table and speed level. If the answer is correct an acrobat starts to walk over a high wire. If incorrect he falls off.

The graphics used for letters and pictures are basic and rewards are not very exciting. Progress such as these are exactly the same as worksheets and may be useful to save paper, but present no significant advance. They may have a place in remedial classes where constant repetition of tasks is important.

Theo Wood

Memory: 48K
Price: £6.25 each