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Arcade: Platform
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Nick Roberts
Chris Bourne

It's a boring life being a cave man. No telly, no video and not even a Spectrum! Blee! All you can do is eat, but Brontosaurus steaks can be very tough. Ug, the hero of the story, has set his heart on the Pterodactyl eggs he can see high up in the mountains. Help him collect three eggs from each of the islands, avoiding the treacherous river, erupting volcanoes and hungry dinosaurs.

Cavemania was programmed by the same team as Superkid in Space and Cerius, the Shaw Brothers. Caveman's graphics are similar to the Shaws' other games, with small but well coloured sprites and jolly backgrounds.

The graphics may be nice but Cavemania hasn't got much in the playability stakes. Ug walks around each island as is if he's got a motor engine attached to his legs and his jumps make him look like he's flying. It's terribly hard to calculate where he's going to land, and he usually ends up in the river.

The volcanoes dotted around each island erupt every few seconds and contact with some of the lava decreases your energy. I tried avoiding the sprays but soon got fed up and charged through them instead! With a bit more work on the gameplay Cavemania could been really entertaining, as it stands it's simply annoying.



Screenshot Text

See? The graphics are really quite neat, pity Cavemaina's gameplay doesn't live up to them!