John K. Jameson
Arcade: Shoot-em-up
ZX Spectrum 16K

Jon Hall, Tony Samuels, Mark Knight
Chris Bourne

The aim of the game is to protect Watford from hostile attack (Why bother? Ed.), and this is done by taking control of a Gamma 14 flight craft and winging your way through long narrow caverns, shotting out the enemy rockets' fuel dumps and destroying meteors.

Tony: This is an incredibly fast game considering the amount going on, but the graphics aren't very appealing, neither is the choice of colour. 5/10

John: It's a bit quick in the early stages, but this is far from a disadvantage. On the contrary, it quickly makes the player more skilful, and better prepared for the later stages. 7/10

Mark: Colour is well used which makes the player's own craft, as well as the assorted aliens, stand out against the background. The graphics are smooth and fast. 8/10