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Zeppelin Games Ltd
Not Known
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Craig Broadbent
Chris Bourne

After a couple of months away from the Jugglers bench, I was hoping to emerge from the Pitstop to find a really groovesome game awaiting me. But alas, the world is not an ideal one, and what actually turned up was this slightly-under-average pack of fighting games. Never mind, let's have a recap anyway...

Ninja Commando
Not a good start. This looks like the sort of game a budget house would turn down except, of course, this one didn't. This is a Green Beret clone without any of the good bits. What we have got are mono graphics, flickery sprites and extremely sparse sound effects. I really can't think of any good points. This isn't a very professional-looking game at all, and although it's set at about the right difficulty level, it just hasn't got lasting appeal.

Bionic Ninja
Presumably set in the future, Bionic Ninja has you, with a choice of three weapons, up against a load of gun-toting cyborgs and robots in a horizontally-scrolling shoot-'em-up. This is probably the best of the bunch, but it does have its (numerous) shortfalls. For a start, it's too slow, and it suffers from the usual problems of mono graphics and virtually nonexistent sound. A good try, but not nearly good enough.

Kick Box Vigilante
Nice to see a bit of colour in this one, shame about the game. This is Renegade at its most simple. You are the Kick Box Vigilante, up against one opponent in a two dimensional battle-ground (that's the green bit). This could have been good, it certainly could have been better. As it is, it just doesn't cut that proverbial mustard.

Spaghetti Western
Instructions on re-releases tend to leave a lot to the imagination, but this one really is the pits. All the keys given are WRONG, and so you're left to work them out for yourself. How annoying. So why don't I use a joystick? Well, only one of the four games is actually compatible with Kempston joysticks. This is not very good and. surprise surprise, neither is this game.

All in all, a bit of a duffer Oh, and I have thought of one good point - none of the games are multiloads. It's this sole fact that's saved this compilation from the dismal twenties.


Screenshot Text

Wilbur sprang merrily upon the trampoline. Loaf Minor ran to take part in the fun, while Al decided to join SOGAT.

"Hello, Master Cobbler. Can you mend my hand-turned moccasin? I appear to have split the sole while tap-dancing my way to victory in the All-Newcastle Freestyle Leapy Jumpy Looking Silly Contest."

What an interesting botanical specimen! Is it a rare herb, or perhaps a young privet bush? No, it's just a weed. Pity.

What a silly cowboy. He'll never make it to the dizzy heights of a guest spot on Bonanza. Shooting a bag indeed! And that cactus is entirely unconvincing.