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John Shepherd
Arcade: Maze
ZX Spectrum 48K

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Rick Robson
Chris Bourne

When it comes to quality and quantity this game doesn't offer much of either I'm afraid, but then at this price is it fair to criticise? It's a multi-screen maze arcade aimed at the very young - well, I presume that's the case. (I hope I'm not patronising our under 7 readers.) Your task is to scour the caverns searching for the key and sword of Kontonia - the ultimate symbols of power that'll allow you to escape to freedom.

Despite this nod towards sword and sorcery, the little man on the screen who's job it is to find them, is remarkably unmacho, indeed balding and middle aged, not unlike the Ed. This might explain his rather unathletic way of moving - he strolls to the left and right, jumps in the air and slithers up and down various ropes and lifts.

His enemies are rather more agile and bounce around at alarming angles making avoidance tactics not as easy as the trad 'wait until you see the whites of their pixels and then jump' method.

There are only six items to collect, including the ultimate symbols of power, most of which are of use in countering obstacles along the way. The brolly, for instance, protects you from the rain that has the power to kill. Death is signified by the statutory x-ray effect of revealing all dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones wot hold you together. Otherwise, every time a meanie mangles you, another bite is taken from your courage that's measured by an ever diminishing on-screen apple. When you're down to the core you'll hear the pips of morality.

Not a bad game for a cheapie but it won't knock your socks off.