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Utility: Electronics
ZX Spectrum 48K

Chris Bourne


good electronics drawing program for the 48K Spectrum. It contains all the symbols to allow you to design a digital or analogue circuit and COPY it on the printer. There are 62 symbols and each covers the area of one print square.

The program or circuit on its own may be SAVEd to tape to allow you to resume at any time where you left off. An interesting feature is that the program can activate the circuit. That checks and indicates the path of the 0V and the power supply round the circuit. It does not give voltages but checks for continuity, using the symbols as gates through which the current will or will not flow.

The supply current flow is shown in red and the 0V connections in green PRINT squares.

It is very slow - five to 10 minutes - but it can give a good indication if you have omitted some part. All the character set is re-programmed so if you BREAK the program you might find the listing a little difficult to follow.

It is a very useful program which could be enhanced with machine code to improve its abilities.

Electronics is the name of the program and the Spectre agent is at 2 Mull Close, Oakley, Basingstoke, Hampshire. The Spectre head office is in Hongkong.

Electronics will be sent anywhere in the world airmail at a cost of £6.95 and includes a moneyback guarantee and technical advice.

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